10-12-18 - Santa Fe, NM - Dr. Dan Group Healing Recording


This is a live recording of Holy Divine Healing group healing done in Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Group Healing 10/12/2018.

The Santa Fe Group Healing will consist of the clearing of the three specialty bodies of our Holy Spirit. They are the psychic body, the intuitive body and the intelligence body.

There will be 2 clearings for each one with Ascension Keys added. Mutating models of our life stream and resisting invaders will be calculated and cleared live during the Group Healing. 

Ascension Keys will be added to fill the voids created from the clearings, to heal all things cleared, and to interface all blessings of higher consciousness required to create Holy O Pure Perfection in our beings.

Finally, we will go through the steps of our Genesis process to return to the origin of our creation.

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Dr. Dan New Mexico Holy Divine Healing Group
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